December 9, 2009


another crazy day with the kids.  the new sitter cancelled, so they have been running me ragged all day.

I have been dabbling with the atkin’s diet, it feels good, but i really miss those carbs.  eating lots of chicken, hope i don’t get chicken thighs, lol.

my favorite thing lately has been my new vibrator( vibration machine).  i feels so energized after using it, ( i usualy do it for 15 minutes or more once i am on it)  i swear my cellulite is looking a lot better….

anyways, got to go, someone is screaming at the top of their lungs…


Vibration Machine, Whole Body Vibration, Loose Weight & Feel Great!!!!

October 1, 2009

Madonna does it and she has a rockin’ body!!!

i wanted to tone up, loose weight and feel amazing, but because i am so busy i have found this to be a real challenge.  Drop the kids off at kindergarten & daycare, go to the grocery store, get new keys made, buy some needless yet needed things and then race home, send out emails.  Guess what?  back to picking the kids up.  you would think with all that running around, i would loose weight.  or you would think with my husbands good job, i would get a sitter(i am scared to leave my babies alone!).  but no, the pounds have been slowly creeping on…

until i found out about whole body vibration(i love my new vibrator!).  i got an email about this new thing that Madge was using, and did some research.  the company i liked the best is called kwikfit4u(  there are a lot of companies that sell these machines, but i thought the best one was this company, for a number of reason, mostly price compared with how sturdy the product is, and great customer service.

and boy, does my ass shake!!! after a few minutes i get kinda tingly, which means its working and the blood is getting into my lazy fat, and muscle.  they say it has all the benefits of running for an hour from just 10 minutes of vibrating, (not sure i believe THAT), but i am definately loosing weight and feeling increase flexibility and a lot of spunkyness.

here is some of the things i have read about Whole Body Vibration (you can find more at :

Improve Circulation.

The muscle contractions and stimulation resulting from the use of our whole body vibration machines helps improve the critically important blood circulation in your body. The improved circulation of oxygen and blood increases the cells’ ability to eliminate waste, respond to hormones and absorb nutrients and minerals. Oxygen is vital to our bodies. 80% of all our metabolic energy production is created by oxygen! The human body is largely composed of oxygen, so it is no wonder that scientists are now discovering how low levels of oxygen can disrupt the body’s ability to function correctly.

Scientists now also agree that oxygen plays a powerful and primary role in our overall health and well-being. A growing number of researchers agree that the best way to improve health may be related to the optimum oxygenation of every cell.

Circulation is the key to flushing lactic acid from the muscles and improves the circulation of lymph fluid which carries metabolic waste away from the muscles and internal organs, resulting in lower blood pressure and improved body function.

Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis and other ailments.

Whole body vibration allows people suffering from various ailments to get their needed physical activity levels increased while staying within their personal physical abilities. You may not be able to go for brisk walks or even climb stairs but whole body vibration stimulates your muscles very effectively by just standing on the vibration platform; thereby, increasing your blood circulation and providing the necessary oxygenation to all cells in your body including your brain. Physical activity is the key to providing the oxygenation your body needs to function properly.

Strengthen Your Core Muscles

There has been an increasing focus on core muscle training in the past few years. Your core muscles are the most important muscle group in your body. They dictate how your entire body including your arms and legs will function. WBV will help firm and tone your core muscles. Try mixing it up and do some yoga on your vibration machine.

Rehabilitate Broken Bones, Ligaments and Sports Injuries.

Remember, the key to healing is the flow of oxygen through the cells. If you are inactive the circulation will be at a minimum and the flow of healing oxygen will be at a minimum too. Even if you are in a full leg cast, you can sit on the machine and it will increase the flow of oxygenated blood through your leg; hence, reducing the time it takes for your leg to heal.

Reduce Back Pain and increase flexibility in all your muscles.

You will be amazed at how quickly your flexibility will improve. Consequently, your muscles will be loosened up and your sore back will all but disappear. Ask any chiropractor, healing a sore back requires stretching and moving the sore muscles. Vibration will help you do that much quicker.

Lymphatic System Drainage

The lymph system plays an underestimated role in the health of our bodies. How do you reduce cellulite? The lymph system is responsible for the absorption of trapped toxins in the fat cells, commonly referred to as cellulite. It takes the toxins contained in those problem cells and flushes them out of your system.

Another function of the lymphatic system is the absorption of excess fluid anywhere in the body and returning it to the blood stream. Lastly, the system is a critical support for the body’s immune system. Your very underestimated lymphatic system is the unsung hero of the human body.

Unlike our blood, lymphatic fluid does not use the heart as a pump. Lymph transport (or drainage) primarily depends upon the contraction of skeletal muscles—thus the importance of exercise. A body which is not moving will begin to stagnate in more ways than one!

Increase Your Range of Motion.

If your muscles, ligaments and tendons aren’t active they can stiffen up and reduce your ability to move. WBV will help keep these important parts of your body active with none of the associated strains that traditional exercise puts on them.

Here is a list of some of the other proven benefits that Whole Body Vibration can deliver:

  • Tone and tighten skin
  • Build bone density and fight osteoporosis
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Decrease recovery times after workouts
  • Increase your sense of balance
  • Improve coordination
  • Increase flexibility
  • Decrease the appearance of cellulite
  • Boost your body’s natural collagen production
  • Increase your production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by up to 360%
  • Increase your basal metabolic
  • Burn more FAT!

Oxygen Facts

All metabolic processes in the body are regulated by oxygen. Our brains process billions of bits of information each second. Our metabolic processes work to rid our bodies of waste and toxins. Even our abilities to think, feel and act require oxygen-related energy production. Oxygen also plays a vital role in proper metabolic functions, blood circulation, the assimilation of nutrients, digestion and the elimination of cellular and metabolic wastes

Of all the essential nutrients needed by the human, oxygen is the one we must have on a moment to moment basis.

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October 1, 2009

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